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Your business is only as successful as its reputation. You know that, and that’s why you’re here.

86% of Internet Searchers Check Reviews Before Calling a Potential Service Provider. Yes, Even Your Referrals.

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Acquiring local citations from meaningful sources is time consuming, resource intensive, and hard to measure and manage


Our team is fluent in local citation generation and works on your behalf to deliver quality local citations, at an affordable rate, consistently.

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White-hat approach

Builds brand awareness and entices more customers

Improves your Return On Imnvestment

Improve Your Online Presence with Reputation Management Services from Bold Digital Ventures

When you need a reputation management agency at your side, don’t hesitate to choose Bold Digital Ventures. No matter your situation, we can assist you. Call 310-807-2260 for a consultation today.

Your business is only as successful as its reputation. You know that, and that’s why you’re here.

Maybe you have gotten some good reviews, but need to know how to scale up your efforts. Or perhaps you’re annoyed that Yelp’s mysterious algorithm randomly decided to not show some of your good reviews.

There’s also the chance that you’re frustrated that somebody who isn’t a client or in any way affiliated with you left horrible reviews on Google.

Review Management Services

BDV founder, Joshua Corbelli, has written regularly on the best ways to handle getting new reviews and handling negative reviews online.

More Good Reviews Crushes Fewer Bad Reviews – Tip: Get More Good Reviews

If you were to take away one key point, it’s this: Always engage with your reviews, whether good or bad. We consult with companies to craft the right language around handling negative reviews effectively without inviting a rabbit-hole discussion in an online forum.

Remember, the best way to deal with negative reviews is to continually get more positive reviews. We can help you achieve this with minimal effort on your part.

Core Strengths

Reputation Management Services

We’ve seen it all. No matter what your reputation scenario, chances are we’ve been there and done that.

In addition to having helped hundreds of small businesses over the years navigate these new and choppy waters, each of our team has owned businesses in the past, and we’ve experienced the good, bad, and really ugly sides of the online reputation spectrum

Services By Industry

  • Reputation Management for Law Firms
  • Reputation Management for Medical Offices
  • Reputation Management for e-Commerce Companies
  • Reputation Management for Consumer Products
  • Reputation Management for Realtors & Real Estate Agents
  • Reputation Management for Fitness & Health Brands

Our only goal is to get you clients. Consistently.

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How We Work

How Online Reputation Management Works

Our reputation management agency creates strategies to improve your online presence. We can act proactively if your company is new and doesn’t have an established reputation or repair a reputation damaged by bad ratings and reviews. Some of our processes may include:

  • Adjusting content to keep information relevant and up to date
  • Monitoring mentions on social media and responding quickly
  • Responding to negative content
  • Attracting favorable reviews
  • Creating press releases


Online Reputation Management for Professionals

The way people use the internet today has forever changed the way businesses operate. Google alone sees an average of 5.6 billion searches per day, with many queries consisting of people looking for companies, products, and services. The internet has an incredible influence on consumer shopping habits, so companies need a positive online reputation.

Bold Digital Ventures is a reputation management agency that helps enterprises enhance their online presence. If you want your business to make an excellent first impression with potential customers, reputation management services are for you.





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