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The Conversion Blueprint for Professional Services Firms

Increasing conversion rates for law firms, surgeons, accountants, and other professional services firms is one of the most impactful elements of a successful digital marketing strategy. Surprisingly, very few business owners place value on the practice, and many don’t know what conversion rate optimization is, or why it’s important to their business. What is Conversion Rate? Most commonly, conversion rate is seen through the lens of lead conversions on your website or web property. As an illustration, let’s say 100 people visit your website monthly. Of those 100 visitors, if seven of them call your phone number, you have a

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Local Search Results Study Shows There Is Much To Be Learned About Proximity And Google Search Results

Takeaways: Google gives a lot of value to one’s proximity to a business when searching for services that the business offers Studies conducted related to how much impact location has to search results produced surprising results Local search is perhaps the defining feature on Google Search when it comes to businesses getting discovered Search rankings are not equitable at all There are many unpredictable things about how Google’s algorithm works A smartphone user typing away on their device may not realize that when they search for a particular type of business or service that Google will do its best to

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