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The Value of Voice Search in an SEO Strategy

Stand in any crowded area for long enough and you are bound to see someone pull out their phone and speak directly into it. What you may notice is that they aren’t speaking to someone on the other end of

SEO Guide for Small Business

The unpleasant aspect of online trade is that all companies compete equally regardless of size. Regarding who remains at the top of the game, there are no exceptions or favoritism. You must do the work or sink to the lowest

5 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

Small businesses need customer relationship management software to organize and keep track of their customer interactions. There are many affordable CRM software programs available that offer a variety of features. The best CRM for small businesses is the one that

The Conversion Blueprint for Professional Services Firms

Increasing conversion rates for law firms, surgeons, accountants, and other professional services firms is one of the most impactful elements of a successful digital marketing strategy. Surprisingly, very few business owners place value on the practice, and many don’t know

The Referral Myth

Many law firms subscribe to the referral myth: the idea that around 90% of their traffic comes from referrals anyway, which means that they shouldn’t have to worry about marketing. If most of your business is coming through referrals, chances

Marketing 101 for Small Law Firms

When something unexpected happens, such as several new law firms opening close to your office or a pandemic, new client acquisitions and billing can suffer—resulting in your firm having to scramble to get numbers back to where you want them.   With

The Stats: Why Marketing is Important for Attorneys

A survey by the American Bar Association showed that only 54% of US law firms have a marketing budget for their practice (only 13% of solo law firms and 32% of small firms have a budget).  This means that if your