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3 Essential Elements to Focus on for a Successful PR Campaign 

Public Relations (PR) campaigns are a must if you want to thrive in this ruthlessly competitive business world. A successful PR campaign should consistently build your audience and improve your brand reputation. History has it that successful companies use PR

Can AI-Written Content Replace Old Content Farms?

AI-driven content writing is becoming increasingly popular with businesses, as it offers promises of time and cost savings. However, this technology comes with many drawbacks that could make it a less attractive option than an experienced digital copywriter. AI-generated content

7 Tips to Stay Up-To-Date in Social Media for Small Businesses

Smaller businesses have always had to compete with larger ones to maintain consumers and increase sales. In today’s economy, people seek convenience when purchasing. Social media has, therefore, become a primary means by which small businesses can connect with their

Small Business Content Marketing Tactics: Expand or Fall Behind

Content marketing has quickly become an essential component of any small business’s marketing strategy with 82% of marketers actively investing in content marketing. In an increasingly crowded environment, small businesses can harness the power of content marketing to position themselves

Eight Reasons to NOT Copy Another Brand’s SEO Strategy

Brands must develop search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to succeed. You may feel tempted to copy a competitor’s SEO strategy, but doing so could lead to severe consequences, meaning you don’t want to copy them. As you understand why you