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Handling Negative Reviews Like a Boss

Many attorneys are understandably fearful of replying to negative online reviews. The truth is that potential clients (roughly 84% of them) will most likely rely on social media posts, ratings, and reviews of others when deciding whether to use your services.

Once information is on the internet it does not go away. Avoiding a negative review is missing a critical opportunity to manage your image online.

7 Free Marketing Actions You Need to Act On (TODAY!)

The COVID disruption has brought about a less-discussed problem – the increasing anxiety of needing to do more work, wanting to use the time wisely, and managing emotions in a time of uncertainty and chaos.

How many people do you know who said “At least I’ll have time to work out now that I’m home all day” and subsequently haven’t done so much as a pushup?

5 obstacles professional services firms face in lead generation

Lead generation is hard. For professional services firms, the difficulty and expense are much greater than in other sectors. That’s because professional services carry a high price tag, so you have a limited pool of potential clients, a wide variety of experience which leads to broad pricing models, and more young, digitally fluent competitors entering the market daily.

Having consulted with hundreds of small professional firms (attorneys, medical professionals, and CPAs), I’ve found a common thread of obstacles faced by, if not unique to, professional services firms. Here are the five most common lead generation challenges:


In February, I made a career change.

After nearly seven years with Thomson Reuters legal marketing, I branched out and founded Bold Digital Ventures – a boutique marketing and branding agency that helps small and medium professional services businesses acquire more clients consistently and cost-effectively.