Design Review: Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman, P.C.

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About Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman, P.C.

Todd wanted a new design to better reflect the practice areas that are core to his business, as well as the geographic presence of his offices in multiple states. It needed to be consumer-friendly, informative, and authoritative.

The Design Approach


In order to achieve Todd’s goals, we modified the color scheme of the site (the accent color was previously orange) and proceeded with a bold hero section, clearly outlining the value of the page and the firm right up front. The font selection helps to reiterate a modern and aggressive advocate for the firm’s clients, and the imagery and videos used throughout resonate with the practice of the firm as well as the frustrations of it’s clients.

Client’s Reaction

As a firm that represents people who have been wronged - whether employees who have their rights violated, or consumers who have been wronged - we wanted a site to let our clients know their voice is heard, and it matters. The new design really resonates with clients - establishing our credibility, focusing on the things that matter to them, and providing the guidance needed to make the right decisions for their future.
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Tablet View
Mobile View

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your new site. How? we will not stop until you are satisfied. If that means we have to redo your site perj-illion times till you’re happy then that’s what the heck we are going to do.

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