Design Review: Johnson & Buxton

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About Johnson & Buxton

The firm wanted a website that was consistent with their brand, but was better at qualifying and converting leads.

The Design Approach


The firm’s “Lemon Law Guys” branding had proven effective at positioning them as approachable and welcoming experts who know how to navigate these types of claims; however, Lemon Law is inherently complex and not well-understood by the average consumer, which can often present several challenges in trying to determine whether or not someone may be entitled to compensation. To help improve lead quality, we added a questionnaire to the website that invites users to enter the make, model and year of their vehicle and provide a few other objective details to instantly assess whether or not their vehicle may be considered a lemon. We placed the questionnaire on a high visibility area of the home page and made it accessible from anywhere on the site. The end result improved user experience on the website and made helped improve the quality of leads generated by the website.

Client’s Reaction

We wanted a unique design to combine the physical concept of a lemon and relate it to "lemon law." We are happy with the illustrative approach and our clients love it.
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Tablet View
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