Design Review: Parthemos & Curran, PLLC

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About Parthemos & Curran, PLLC

The firm felt like they were paying more money and getting less with their previous vendor. They wanted a more modern website design that more accurately reflected who they are as a law firm.

The Design Approach


Due to the experience level of the attorneys and the firm’s long-standing history in the area, it was important to create something that looked sleek but also portrayed them as the seasoned professionals they are, while also evoking a feeling of familiarity for website visitors located in the surrounding locale. We opted for a color palette consisting of mostly cool colors, and used a warm, muted orange accent color to balance it out and avoid making the site feel too cold. We also we used color overlays on the images, supplemented by detailed–yet simple–icons to help achieve the modern and sleek touch the firm was hoping for.

Client’s Reaction

When we worked with Bold, we really wanted to showcase the communities in which we operate. The new design achieved what we were looking to do.
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Tablet View
Mobile View

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your new site. How? we will not stop until you are satisfied. If that means we have to redo your site perj-illion times till you’re happy then that’s what the heck we are going to do.