Design Review: Litwin & Smith

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About Litwin & Smith

Litwin & Smith partnered with Bold because they were not satisfied with the performance of their current vendor and wanted to work with a company that was more hands on, transparent and had experience working with law firms.

The Design Approach


We wanted to be sure to emphasize the firm’s outstanding success rate and to make it easy for users to find and navigate between different areas of the website. Because the firm practices immigration, we also wanted to be mindful of the imagery and language we were using on the website to ensure we were creating a design that reflected the wide variety of people that the firm represents while also retaining the site’s functionality as being a comprehensive resource for immigration news and information.

Client’s Reaction

Since we began working with Bold, and after the new site design - which we love - we have seen a notable increase in lead volume and signed cases. It was the right move for us.
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Tablet View
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your new site. How? we will not stop until you are satisfied. If that means we have to redo your site perj-illion times till you’re happy then that’s what the heck we are going to do.