Design Review: Flicker, Kerin, Kruger, Bissada

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About Flicker, Kerin, Kruger, Bissada

Flicker, Kerin, Kruger & Bissada LLP is a family law and divorce law firm located in Menlo Park, CA, with an additional office in San Ramon, CA. The firm focuses on high-net worth couples facing family law issues.

The Problem

In person, the firm has a very distinct brand and aesthetic – something that has resonated well with its clientele. The challenge was to build a digital version of the firm that 1) adheres to and abides by the firm’s aesthetic; 2) do so while maintaining the integrity of the information available; and 3) build a site more likely to appeal to the target clientele across organic digital channels.

The Design Approach


The firm’s logo and typeface preferences were a foundational element of the site. In exploring the logo and typeface, we were able to set a foundational design and experience that effectively marries modern sophistication with authoritative professionalism.

Client’s Reaction

“Having worked with innumerable marketing individuals and agencies over the years, we were becoming tired of explaining our vision and not having it realized in the end design. That all changed with our new site by Bold.”
Laptop View
Tablet View
Mobile View

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your new site. How? we will not stop until you are satisfied. If that means we have to redo your site perj-illion times till you’re happy then that’s what the heck we are going to do.

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