Design Review: Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc.

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About Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc.

As a Civil Justice Award recipient, Anna sought to distinguish her Personal Injury firm from others in the highly-competitive San Francisco-Bay Area market by showcasing their successes, tenacity and experience, without undermining their primary mission of giving a voice to the wrongly injured so they can focus more on the recovery process and less on the burden of how to finance it.

The Design Approach


After our initial meetings with Anna, it was clear to us that the extraordinary depth of her experience as an accomplished trial lawyer was on par with her passion for helping people. We chose to convey this by showcasing the firm’s numerous accolades, associations and case results above the fold and throughout the site and supplementing them with photos showing Anna and Pavel hard at work in their office. While we wanted to demonstrate the firm’s fearlessness in the courtroom, we felt it was important that the firm felt approachable and that the website appropriately represented the practice as a boutique personal injury firm. To accomplish this we used a strong primary color (crimson) to empower visitors to take action, and used softer, muted colors in other areas throughout the design to make it easier for visitors to focus on the subject matter, without being overstimulated or intimidated by an overuse of strong, bold colors.

Client’s Reaction

Our firm has been fortunate in winning some sizable settlements, winning recognition by peers and awards for our work representing our clients. We wanted to have our website reflect our successes while still being approachable for potential clients. And by integrating San Francisco into the fabric of the website, we are happy with how it turned out.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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