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client acquisition

Our only goal is to get you clients. Consistently.

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We work with Organizations and Professionals who are obsessed with being the best. Our Clients:

  • Demand excellence
  • Plan for long-term growth
  • Want to dominate the markets in which they do business
  • Desire transparency and regular consultation and collaboration
  • Need an agile, market-proven growth partner

Knowledge is power, but the data gathered and analyzed from analytics platforms, audience measurement tools, and our own proprietary competitive analysis process is the ultra-high-octane rocket fuel that feeds the digital marketing machine. BDV strategy development absorbs concepts like communication, amplification, acquisition and conversion into purpose-built components that provide the detailed structure and navigation necessary to meet the demands of today’s ultra-competitive online marketplace.

What Does Winning Look Like? Extracting the lion’s share of value from the market and delivering it into the hands of our clients. The key elements of the BDV digital marketing machine are Analysis, Strategy, Execution, and Iteration.

"Josh is great! He's accessible, responsive and is incredibly knowledgeable. He’s always around to help me no matter how mundane my issue or stupid my question. I always enjoy meeting with him, and I’ve seen incredible results from his work. Cannot recommend Josh Corbelli enough."

-Lauren, Client

Law Firm Marketing

Our team has 20+ Years' Experience Delivering Low-Cost, High-Value
Clients to Small & Medium Sized Law Firms. Consistently. Ethically. Nationally.

Exclusive. In every city, we only market one firm in each practice area.


Your business is only as successful as its reputation. You know that, and that’s why you’re here. Maybe you have gotten some good reviews, but need to know how to scale up your efforts.

Perhaps you’re annoyed that Yelp’s mysterious algorithm randomly decided to not show some of your good reviews. There’s also the chance that you’re frustrated that somebody who isn’t a client or in any way affiliated with you left horrible reviews on Google.

We’ve seen it all. No matter what your reputation scenario, chances are we’ve been there and done that. In addition to having helped hundreds of small businesses over the years navigate these new and choppy waters, each of our team has owned businesses in the past, and we’ve experienced the good, bad, and really ugly sides of the online reputation spectrum.

Medical, Surgeon & Dentist Marketing

Disposable Income Still Exists, Even When Markets Are Down.
We Help those clients find and contact you.

e-Commerce Marketing

Optimize Your e-commerce Website, on Any platform, to increase Sales and Profit. Domestically. Internationally. Measurably.

There’s a difference between a mobile-friendly website and a mobile-optimized website. We address each website with a mobile-optimized mentality. 

Of course it will display and render beautifully on cell phones and tablets, but further, we design and create mobile websits that are rocket fueled to increase phone calls, emails, and chats from mobile devices. 

When we build your site, you’re going to make more money from your website.

Would you rather have 1,000 additional website visitors each month, or would you rather have an additional 15 quality leads each month?

We don’t focus on quantity, but instead end results. If you can get 10% more of your website visitors to call you instead of leaving to a competitor’s site, then you stand to make more money from the same amount of traffic.

Our team leverages the most cutting-edge, battle-tested approaches to increasing your conversion rate.

Franchise Marketing

Franchise Owners are far from guaranteed success. Even with Corporate Marketing Help, Owners Still Face Growth Issues. That's Where We Thrive.

Consumer Product Marketing

For Clothing designers, makeup and beauty products, Personal, product-Focused marketing Is Necessary To Build Trust In Your Brand And Convert Visitors Into Clients.

The businesses who are capturing the lion’s share of the clients are those who actively and aggressively reach potential clients on Page 1. 

Having done this for years, our team balances the three main opportunities for Page 1 exposure: Paid Ads at the top of the page, Local SEO (Maps v visibility), and organic results.

When you are seen in multiple areas of the Search Engine Results Page, the likelihood of somebody clicking your site compared to another’s increases by 60%.

Once again – we focus on net leads to you, and Performance Marketing is an extremely effective way to yield high-ticket clients.

Most of the businesses we work with have some paid listings in relevant directories. Attorneys typically use FindLaw, Avvo, Yelp or Justia ads. Restaurants almost always use Yelp ads. 

Regardless of where you have some paid visibility, most businesses don’t understand how effective their ads are, how to improve them to yield better results, or how to measure the return on investment.

We can help you with all of the above. 

Home Services Marketing

Whether You're In Construction, Handyman, AC + Heating, Plumbing, or Home Remodeling Services, We'll Get You In Touch With Landlords & Owners Who Need You.

Get More Clients, Not B.S.

Our only goal is to get you clients. Consistently.

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Learn how we help Take Your Business from OK to HELL YEAH!

Let's have a chat

Learn how we help Take Your Business from OK to HELL YEAH!


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