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 “Our firm has worked with Brett initially as Senior Client Development Consultant at FindLaw and as Regional Director of Business Development at Bold. First and foremost, Brett has done a fantastic job advising our firm on how to obtain and market top-tier client reviews. Second, Brett and his team at Bold overhauled our firm’s marketing spend, cutting our costs and dramatically improving our return on investment from FindLaw. Finally, Brett and his team at Bold have effectively revamped our firm’s website. All of these efforts have doubled our firm’s quarterly profits.” 

Managing Partner

client overview

Small Immigration Law Firm located on the peninsula of South San Francisco, Bay Area.

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business objectives

  • Grow the percentage of quality case leads for family immigration. 
  • Free-up time from internal office staff by streamlining their intake process by funneling through our answering service to the appropriate Attorneys or Receptionist. 


Site design refresh with a blend of custom content Social Media, SEO, Reception/Chat Intake services, and later hired to improve their H1-B Visa Paid Ad campaign. 


$5K per month – Nov. 21’ 

$1K per month – Feb. 21’ (increase) 

Campaign Duration

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