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The Referral Myth

Many law firms subscribe to the referral myth: the idea that around 90% of their traffic comes from referrals anyway, which means that they shouldn’t have to worry about marketing. If most of your business is coming through referrals, chances

Marketing 101 for Small Law Firms

When something unexpected happens, such as several new law firms opening close to your office or a pandemic, new client acquisitions and billing can suffer—resulting in your firm having to scramble to get numbers back to where you want them.   With

The Stats: Why Marketing is Important for Attorneys

A survey by the American Bar Association showed that only 54% of US law firms have a marketing budget for their practice (only 13% of solo law firms and 32% of small firms have a budget).  This means that if your

Handling Negative Reviews Like a Boss

Many attorneys are understandably fearful of replying to negative online reviews. The truth is that potential clients (roughly 84% of them) will most likely rely on social media posts, ratings, and reviews of others when deciding whether to use your services.

Once information is on the internet it does not go away. Avoiding a negative review is missing a critical opportunity to manage your image online.