Marketing 101 for Small Law Firms

When something unexpected happens, such as several new law firms opening close to your office or a pandemic, new client acquisitions and billing can suffer—resulting in your firm having to scramble to get numbers back to where you want them.   With 1 out of 3 prospective legal clients beginning their search online, law firms cannot afford to not have a digital marketing strategy.   

  • Law firm monthly billings dropped 30% in March of 2019 when the Coronavirus pandemic began.
  • Having a good marketing plan in place provides a dependable source of potential cases to weather any storms that might come your way.
  • Let’s discuss the steps you need to take to put an effective marketing strategy in place for your law firm.*

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Here's Why It Matters To You

Here’s Why It Matters To You. A great marketing plan will give your firm consistent quality leads and allow you to spend less effort on generating new revenue.

  1. Audit your present marketing strategy (calculate the ROI for each marketing channel and make adjustments to campaigns that are not performing well);
  2. Update your website (small adjustments to your websites design and user experience can make a huge impact on your bottom line);
  3. Be sure to focus on local SEO (local SEO targets quality leads from the area you serve);
  4. Make sure you are ranking high in Google searches (use popular keywords that your prospects are likely to type into the search bar, have a site map that is easy for Google to understand, and have tons of quality websites linking back to yours);
  5. Use paid advertising to drive traffic while you are waiting for your organic search result to improve;
  6. Tap into the Spanish speaking market;
  7. Get more referrals and reviews;
  8. Use Social Media for brand awareness;
  9. Track your marketing performance (and create actionable steps to attain your KPIs).
Bold Digital Ventures team of experienced SEO experts, web designers, developers and content creators work with many small law firms everyday for a fraction of the cost that it take firms to manage their marketing efforts themselves. You can set up a free consultation today by clicking below.

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